You’ve decided to undergo a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) conversion, and that’s great news. The RAD program will help preserve and improve the quality of affordable housing across the country.
With it will come significant changes that you need to be ready for. Your existing software, compliance requirements, and property management operations will be deeply impacted by the type of RAD Conversion you choose to undertake. To help navigate these decisions, we have developed a RAD Conversion Compliance Work flow outlining the critical conversion and compliance choices you have to make for your project, and detail the software, compliance, and operational consequences of those choices in this information series.

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What's Inside?

PBV?  No Problem. 
PBRA?  We’ve Got You. 

The Software Considerations eBook is packed with the relevant information you need to evaluate your software while undergoing a RAD Conversion.  We’ve taken our experience and condensed it into one helpful document that contains:

  • Different considerations for PBRA and PBV, with and without tax credit layers
  • Checklists of software considerations
  • Helpful questions to get you started
  • Tips based on our real world experience assisting with RAD Conversions nation wide

We know a thing or two
about Yardi. 

RightSource has in depth subject matter expertise in all things Yardi, and we know there are special considerations that need to be made when it comes to your RAD Conversion.  That’s why we’ve prepared this helpful Yardi Supplement to ensure you have the knowledge you need to move forward.

It doesn’t end here.  

Part 1: Software Considerations is just the beginning. We take the RAD Conversion guidance even deeper . You can look forward to:
PART 2: Compliance Considerations
PART 3: Operational Considerations

Get Your FREE Copy of Part 1: Software Considerations